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At Community Cup, we want to follow the example of Jesus in inviting children to be an integral part of our community. We believe they are not just the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today, and we know and affirm that they can have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus. They are an integral part of the body of Christ now; therefore, through teaching at home and within the church, we must equip them to know God, be transformed, find purpose, and serve others. That is why we always begin worship with kids in service with us.

We also recognize that kids are at a different developmental level and need to be taught about Jesus in a way that is specific and meaningful to them. For that reason, we also have a separate kids' lesson that takes place during the second part of the service. 

We have several different age groups available for children during Sunday service. 


We want to give parents the ability to worship knowing that their child is cared for! Your infant is welcome to remain in service with you or go with a volunteer to the nursery during the sermon.


ages 0-2


ages 2-4

Even from a very young age we believe that our kids can know and love Jesus if they are taught about His love. Our trained volunteers sing songs, read stories from the Bible and engage in intentional loving play with our toddler-age kiddos.



pre-K to 2nd grade

Our older kiddos have an intentional worship time and lesson with our volunteers using a curriculum that follows the church calendar and teaches them the essential beliefs and stories of our faith. 

YW Volunteers

Interested in volunteering on our Youngest Worshipers team? We would love to have you! Please contact Celeste Tabor, our Children's Director, for more information.

Click here to contact our YW team!







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